Event Team

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Virtual Marshal system has been built with a three tier structure for creating, managing and running the event. This allows for creation of teams to look after different aspects of the event from event setting, competitor registration and approval, tracking… Read More »Event Team

Creating Event

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DOCUMENTATION UNDER PROCESSING To create an event a user has to be registered as an Organiser. Registered organisers can create a new event or edit an existing event from their panel.

Edit Competitor Data

To edit or update any wrongly entered data by competition select the event and then go to the “Participant” panel. Here each line lists one sign-up for the event. Use search box to find the entry to be edited. Scroll… Read More »Edit Competitor Data

User App Guide

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This updated guide gives usage description and details various features of the Virtual Marshal app. Event organisers and app users are invited to read this document and get familiar with app usage.

How Does System Work?

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VirtualMarshal app is used by participants to register for events and also while they compete in event that require them to visit various checkpoints. On reaching a checkpoint the app automatically registers the visit and records the time stamp. Before… Read More »How Does System Work?

Event Setup by Organiser

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Once you have registered as an organiser and have your login credentials you can login to and start creating your first event. You can try system at no cost by creating small events with not more than five points… Read More »Event Setup by Organiser

VirtualMarshal System Presentation

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VirtualMarshal system overview presentation is shared for your information. If you have any question connect with us at [pdf id=85]

VirtualMarshal Console

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VirtualMarshal console login is used by organisers to Setup events Define checkpoints Define sections Monitor event signup’s Monitor progress during event Generate results and ranking A free sign up is available to the organisers. Once approved they can experiment and… Read More »VirtualMarshal Console