Allotting Competition Number

Though not always but it is quite usual to allot competition number to all participants in an event. Virtual Marshal system is configured to operate in both circumstances. Competition numbers can be allotted by organisers through their web console any time after the competitors sign up for the event and up to the time of start.

Allotment of competition number is done from the EVENT–>PARTICIPANT to view and edit STARTER LIST. If a number is assigned to multiple sign up the system shows error and prompts for assigning another number. To provide for multiple devices being used by the same crew, say for back up purpose, the system provides for allocation of suffix A or B. This way a single crew can have “01 A” and “01 B” allotted.

Organisers should note that in case of OPEN events that do not require approval the competitors may even take a start without allotment of competition number.

During the competition tracking will show competition number tag to denote location of all vehicles. If no competition number is assigned then during tracking the CREW NAME tag is used to display location.

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