Event Team

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Virtual Marshal system has been built with a three tier structure for creating, managing and running the event. This allows for creation of teams to look after different aspects of the event from event setting, competitor registration and approval, tracking and results. Each member of the team is given independent login identity so that there is no confusion and gaps in managing the event. An organiser may also assign same role to multiple people if required.

Organiser : The basic event setup is in the hands of the organiser. The details for event creation and setup are covered elsewhere. The event organisers is also able to add team members through their email for roles as a manager or staff. Further organiser is able to assign members in different roles from event to event. Organiser has all roles available including those that are under restricted assignment to manager or staff roles.

Manager : Variously referred as Manager / COC / Director the role allows management of created events. From approving list of participants, assigning competition numbers, editing entries and also defining team members / ACOC’s who are on ground for medical and other interventions.

Staff : The role of staff / results team is also available to manager but for larger event certain restricted roles are available to staff. These could be situations where number of competitors so dictate or physical distances prevent manager to be available at finish in time. Tracking of competitors through the event, individual performance and results can be accessed by staff role.