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Virtual Marshal is a complete system of doing
checkpoint timing for sporting events such as
Car Rallies, Cycling, MTB, Cross Country, Hiking,
Treasure Hunts, Trail Blazing to name a few.

What do we do?


Virtual Marshal provides a full end to end automated system, that takes moments to setup, and helps seamlessly run events at a fraction of the cost and effort it would take to deploy manpower! The system comprises of an Smartphone App, that can be used by Competitors to participate in the event, and a Web-based back end for Organizers to setup, manage, monitor and generate results.   

How does it work?

Create Event Using Web Access

Use the web-front end to create a new event by providing name of event, start date time, duration, logo groups and classes. Also define if scrutiny and admin approval is needed before start by competitors. You can also add brief write up and pictures.

Add checkpoints and define sections

Define the route by entering the checkpoint coordinates or use intuitive point and click map interface. Setup each checkpoint to be visible or hidden to the participants. Once all checkpoints are added define sections using these as start and end point and ideal time and missing penalties etc. Once everything is ready activate the event on the web console.

Activate events & Competitor sign up

As soon as the event is activated it appears in users app along with description and pictures etc. Users can browse information and sign up for the event. Organisers get notice of sign up and can control complete process of registration, fee, assigning competition number and scrutiny etc. Admin approval for participant to take the actual start is controlled in customisable way.

Timing and results

From the start competitors are monitored by the app and every time they hit a checkpoint time stamp is generated and sent to servers for generating instant results. All time stamps are also recorded on the app for competitor information. Ranking and comparative results can be generated at press of a button in one of the pre-formatted outputs or by use raw time stamp download for all competitors by the organisers.

Track for safety

Monitor the positions of the competitors in real time using the tracking interface.
Ensure participants safety bey having information on any beak downs, stoppages or route deviations. Have the information of all starters as they progress through the event. Point and click interface gives contact information of all the crews.

What all do we Provide?

Android and IOS based
free to use Mobile App

Enhanced Competitor
Tracking System

Easy to use Web based
Backend system

Multi Parameter Event Setup,
Speed, Penalty and Factors

Online and Offline 
Event Assistance Services

Whats on Offer?

Registered organisers can create events of various types and many control parameters are available for setting up competition. Organisers get their secured sign up and can experiment by creating free events with time limited activation allowing organisers to do on ground testing. 

For creating bigger events organisers can buy VirtualMarshal credits. All events get listed on the app for information to competitors increasing event reach. The system credits are charged on per event basis and not on number of participant.

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years of experience
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hours of testing

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