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Virtual Marshal system is now upgraded and now it is designed to allow members of organising team to have a special “Sign-In” for the event. This special sign in allows for efficient and useful resource management for the event without impacting on the results. One use case of for special sign-in is for critical resources like an ambulance or recovery team that is deployed. Another use case is to gain benefit of crosschecking of all the checkpoints by way of route check.

In normal circumstances the pre-fixed and planned position of critical resource, say and ambulance, is only known. In case of any incident the ambulance may have moved and the total burden to knowing exact location, either to match up to incident spot or for any re-deployment, is based on human factor. With tracking enabled exact location of the ambulance is knows and can be used to help with directions to incidence point or for further re-deployment as needed.

Team members are allowed to “START” the event from locations other than the start point as also before the start time of the event. This feature allows organisers to test run the event for confirmation of route without being forced to start only from the designated start point of the event.

The team members are marked by organiser or manager from the list of people who have signed up to participate in the event. The movement of team members through the check points have no impact of results.

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