The VirtualMarshal system consists of the two elements and they work in combination of each other.

  • VirtualMarshal organisers console
  • VirtualMarshal participant app

Organisers use the console to setup events and all “live” events are listed on the competitors app. Based on the parameters set by the organisers the app is used to compete by the users. From start to finish it keeps track of time stamping at pre-designated checkpoints and thus scoring for competitors can be derived.

Example of use: Checkpoints are used in reliability or regularity rally’s around the world to note time of passage of each competitor so that their overall score can be generated. VirtualMarshal can do this with unprecedented ease and flexibility that offers transparency to both competitor as well as the organisers. It further offers a set of tools to organisers to keep check on competitors speeds and locations while they are participating.

VirtualMarshal enables reduced costs and saves on logistics of checkpoint setup and marshal deployment. Check the details on the links for console and app given above.

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