Multiple Races

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In events like Autocross or Sprint Rally, participants are afforded the opportunity to take multiple starts, a privilege that serves various purposes. They may opt for multiple starts to refine their race timing or to engage in diverse combinations of Category/Group/Class participation. For instance, an individual may decide to enter the competition with the same vehicle in the Open, Upto 1300cc, and Diesel classes. Consequently, they receive three distinct race cards, and the timing for each run is meticulously recorded, contributing to the results within their respective classes. Alternatively, a participant might choose to vary their approach by employing different vehicles and competing in the Upto 1100cc, Upto 1300cc, and OPEN classes. Furthermore, even within the same class, participants often undertake multiple races to enhance their individual timings.

From the perspective of event organisers, participants are required to pay for each start, resulting in increased revenues. Opting for this in the system accommodates and encourages individuals to register for multiple starts within the same race, thereby enhancing their overall experience and competition opportunities.


Virtual Marshal allows registering for multiple races by within the same event. To do this check PLAY MULTIPLE RACES when setting up an event. At the PARTICIPANT tab in the back end each race is listed individually and may be approved for start based on selection or payment criterion set by the organisers. Only an approved race is allowed to take the start.