How Many Credits?

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ONE : Virtual Marshal system charges by the event and not by number of participants

TWO : A typical single leg rally can be done with only one credit. This keeps the costs very very low.

THREE : A single leg is defined in terms of START – FINISH – RESULTS and is not limited in terms of duration in hours or number of re-groups or control points or number of straters.

Credits Computation Grid

While creating a new event you can opt for services that are needed by the organisers in addition to basic START – FINISH – RESULTS.

For each service selected the number of credits needed is mentioned and the total at bottom updates based on selection by the organisers.

Each credit is currently prized at US$75 / INR 5,500 and can be purchased by organisers from within their account login using PayPal or RazorPay. Current credits in the organisers account are also reflected. History of use of credits is also available for reference / audit.