Using Control Marshal app

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Control Marshal app is integrated in to Virtual Marshal system so that the data from physical control / check points is captured and used seamlessly in the system to quickly update and publish results.

Control Marshal app work flow:

  1. For first time marshals:
    1. Organiser generates auto email invite for the marshal
    2. Marshal receives email with link to fill in personal details
    3. On submission the marshal is sent login credentials by email
  2. For Organiser
    1. Organiser creates checkpoints as part of event creation. By default all checkpoints are created as Virtual Checkpoints.
    2. Organisers marks and edits the Control Marshal checkpoints.
    3. For each checkpoint the organiser assigns duty to his marshals including time to open and close the duty.
  3. For Marshals
    1. Login to Control Marshal app.
    2. Browse list of all duties assigned. They are sorted serially on start date time of duties. So first duty to be done is at the top of the list.
    3. Select the duty to initiate from list of all assigned duties.
    4. Go to the duty location. You can use built in Google maps navigation to find the route to duty location.
    5. Once at the location wait for duty start time and press OPEN CONTROL button.
    6. Record passage time when a competition vehicle enters the control.
    7. Assign recorded time to the competitor from drop down list of starters.
    8. After duty is over CLOSE CONTROL
    9. Proceed for next duty.

The Control Marshal app directly transmits the data to server and the data is utilised in various reports as required. While the control point is open a tracking window also shows location of each marshal and status of each post.

Once data is entered any rectification can only be done by submitting correction request through signed document and such corrections can only be done by the organisers. Marshal have the option of deleting any time punch if done by mistake but cannot correct it once it has been assigned to a competitor.

Control Marshal app also list data from all duties completed and in case of any clarification required marshal can log in to the app and refer to the recorded data.