System Credits

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System Credits purchased by organisers are used to create and run events. Pricing for System Credits is detailed here. System credits are used at the time of event activation. One credit is needed for a pair os START and FINISH. Typically this is defined as a leg in motorsports. You can have re-group points within the leg by using time-in and time-out checkpoints. Charges for use of Virtual Marshal system are same for any number of starters.

ONE System Credit is required per pair of START and STOP (leg) checkpoints.

Registered organisers can make multiple Free Trial or Test Events without using any credits. Free events are subject to :

  • Limited to seven checkpoints including start and finish.
  • Event start gate/point is active only for time period of ten minute.
  • Maximum running duration of event is half an hour.

Other than these limitations imposed above free trial events have full features available for organisers to test and try.

It is necessary for an organiser to keep a balance of minimum one system credit to keep their account active and operational.