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System Credits purchased by organisers are used to create and run events. Pricing for System Credits is detailed here. System credits are used at the time of event activation and are summarised in the table below. below. Multiple legs within one event can be created using re-group in out controls. If individual Leg results are required then multiple events need to be created. Charges for use of Virtual Marshal system are same for any number of starters.

System Credit Requirement per event
Time Stamping1 CreditMinimum per event
Time Stamping, Sections with Results2 CreditPredefined result formats
Time Stamping & Tracking2 CreditNo section or section results
Time Stamping, Sections with Results & Tracking3 Credit
Public Tracking URL1 CreditIn addition to Tracking

Registered organisers can make multiple Free Trial or Test Events without using any credits. Free events are subject to :

  • Limited to six checkpoints including start and finish.
  • Event start gate/point is active only for time period of fifteen minute.
  • Maximum running duration of event is one hour.

Other than thes limitation imposed above free trial events have full features available for organisers to test and try. It is necessary for an organiser to keep a balance of minimum one system credit to keep their account active and operational.

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