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Virtual Marshal system credits can be purchased online by the organisers as per the slabs listed below
Credits PurchasedIndian Rupee *Inclusive of 18% GSTRest of the World *GST not included
1-9 Credits₹6500US $75
10-19 Credits₹6000US $70
20 and more credits₹5500US $65

Registered Organisers can buy the credits after they are logged in using their ID and Authentication. You can send in your request to enlist as a registered organiser here.

Registered organisers need to maintain at-least one system credit in their account to keep the account operation and active. Accounts with no credit get paused till system credits are purchased again.

The charges for use of Virtual Marshal system are same for any number of starters. Unlike other systems charges are not based on number of participants.

Virtual Master credits can be purchased securely through PayPal and can be used at any time by the organiser purchasing them. Credits have expiry of one year from date of purchase.

For any query for becoming re-seller or gaining exclusive distribution for regional basis please connect with us by email.

*Rate given above is inclusive of all Indian taxes