Scrutiny, Competition Number & Approval

Virtual Marshal system allows event organisers to list their events with OPEN or APPROVAL sign up. In the case of events that are listed as OPEN the competitors can simply sign up on the Virtual Marshal app come to the event START to participate. For events where organisers would like to control starters the event can be listed but competitors have to be approved after sign up before they can participate. In both cases allotting of competition number is possible through Virtual Marshal organisers web console.

From event flow perspective such start approval is granted after documentation and vehicle scrutiny along with allotment of competition number. The event secretariat controls this start approval and the competitor’s app will allow start to take place only after this has been done.

At the time of sign up approval organisers also edit sign-up data submitted by competitor through the app. While such edits will not reflect on the Virtual Marshal app but will be reflected in the results and other listing outputs from the organisers web console. Typically in our observation the following type of mistakes or wrong entry are done by competitors that need to be rectified.

  • Mixed CAP & small typing
  • Wrong mobile contact
  • Wrong Category / Group / Class
  • Addition or Change in crew members

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