Trail Blazing #XXII

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In a series of events this was the twenty second event and was held at Gurgaon on Sunday July 28, 2019.

The monsoon season was threatening rains for some days prior to the event and so it did a day before the competition. This added lots more fun to the proceedings as water on the “mud” trails turned them in to wheel spinning “slush”. Only regret being that on the day of event heavy rains held off till finish else would have been super duper fun.

With thirty checkpoints to be covered in short period of two and half hours it was a tough choice for participants but strategising was worth it as it meant difference of winning or loosing. Using map on screen was first time experience for many a participant and some were totally at loss for a while till they were able to hit the first waypoint and figured out how to proceed. Slush caught out many including veteran rescue team marshal’s team who were participating for a change.


  • 4WD Category
    • Amit Goyal
    • Bhupinder Handa
    • Giri S.
  • 2WD Category
    • Gaurav Shekhawat
    • Arun Gupta
    • Anita Gupta
  • Best Women Driver
    • Vimmi Singh
  • Father and son team

VirtualMarshal system was used and entire event was managed by team of only two marshal cars despite more than thirty checkpoints.