Surat Car Rally 2020

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TT Motorsports 128 organised a treasure hunt car rally at Surat, Gujarat, India, on Sunday 21st July 2019. This was a community event with closed entry by invite only. The chekpoints were spread across the city and objective was to reach as many within limited time.

With thirty six starters this was a biggest car drive event in Surat. The event presented an opportunities to local vehicle dealerships to put up customer interaction stalls and display their vehicles.

The winning crew was lead by Mohammad Rupawala. Commendable fight was put up by runner’s up crew of Aliasgar Yusuf Tohfafarush.

Participants did not have it all easy. They had to struggle through some back roads in order to make it to finish in time. Enjoy the action from route.

Entire event was managed by three marshal cars using VirtualMarshal.